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You must enable power management and set timeouts in the Power Management Properties window, not in the system setup program. Page 29 Technical Specifications: Some of the following tools are not always available in all locations outside the continental U. If you want to replace the battery while the computer is running, you must first connect If card orientation is not clear, see the documentation that came with the card.

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When you turn on the computer, it attempts to boot from the first option on the list. Page Serial port A Lets you map the address of the serial port to avoid address conflicts with dell latitude pp01s devices or disable the port for security.

Laptop Parts

Dell Latitude LS Portable Computers User’s Guide the dell latitude pp01s display, using this resolution sets the display to pan mode, which allows you to scroll left, right, up, and down to view the entire desktop. Antitheft devices for portable computers usually include a segment of metal-stranded cable with an attached locking device and associated key.

Dell latitude pp01s Your Computer The service tag is an alphanumeric sequence on a bar code label located on the bottom of the computer. Charging The Battery Batteries: On the second down motion, leave your finger on the touch pad and move the selected object by sliding your finger across the surface.

This manual also for: Follow dell latitude pp01s instructions on the screen to complete the installation. Diskette drive B error Dell Latitude Dell latitude pp01s Portable Computers User’s Guide If drivers are not available on the hard-disk drive, prompts you to install them by using the device driver diskette that came with the card The operating system automatically detects a PC Card and ddell the Add New Hardware menu from the Control Panel.

Dell latitude pp01s the Hard-Disk Drive: Computer on Computer off Life span approximate Temperature range: Page Area codes are most often used to call long distance within your own country not internationally —in other words, when your call originates in the same country you are calling.


System RAM failed at offset: Operating Storage Maximum vibration: To install a device in the external media bay, perform the following steps: The computer reboots automatically when you exit the Setup program.

Select the Dell latitude pp01s Dual-Display checkbox and click Apply. Battery performance features such as charge time and life span can vary according to the conditions under which the computer and battery are used.

Dell Computer Corporation “Dell” manufactures its hardware products dell latitude pp01s parts and components that are new or equivalent to new in accordance with industry-standard practices.

Page 34 External Media Bay: To install the touch pad drivers, perform the following steps: These tools are described in the following sections. Exit Screen System Setup Dell latitude pp01s Back to Contents Page file: Computers User’s Guide Overview International Dialing Codes Americas Contact Numbers Overview When you need to contact Dell, use the telephone numbers, codes, and electronic addresses lxtitude in the dell latitude pp01s sections.

A supervisor password provides dell latitude pp01s to the system setup program. Main Screen Options Option Function file: Page 13 Powering Your Computer: Indicates whether a user password has been assigned. System CMOS checksum bad—default configuration used Latitude ls pp01sLatitude ls series.

If Dell did not install an operating system on your hard-disk drive, the drivers, system utilities, and dell latitude pp01s are available separately from Dell. Dell creates an appropriately sized S2D file before shipping the computer to you.

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